International Services

The equestrian world is truly international. It offers a mass of opportunities for outward looking businesses and athletes. Get it right and you will open the door to new found revenues and fascinating markets.  Make a false turn and it could cost you in reputation, revenues and business health. So where to start?

Many first time exporters look to Europe, due to the similarity in riding conditions and the ease of market entry and freight. The Middle East, particularly the U.A.E. has proved successful for racing and endurance products and the USA promises a massive market where British product is highly rated. China also offers huge potential with riding seen as a luxury activity and a need to import expert training and equipment.

You might be a successful exporter looking to expand into more sophisticated territories, need a multilingual PR campaign to build your brand awareness or be looking for a global sponsorship deal. Whatever your objective you’ll need local know-how and contacts to make it happen. Daunted?

Ceris Burns Equestrian excels at international.  With more than 25 years’ experience in international PR and marketing we can make your project fly. We can develop a solid business plan based on market research, guide you in terms of trade conditions and culture, interview and select a local partner and implement your PR and marketing campaign. If you are an equestrian athlete we can position your brand globally and take care of sponsorship negotiations cross territory. Our international team speak 10 languages which can be very handy indeed!

Give us the reins and we’ll open up a whole new world for your brand.

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