Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to Fatboy’s blog! If we haven’t met yet I’m a very handsome Irish sports horse and the much-loved mascot of Ceris Burns Equestrian.

CB said I’m heading up the new blog for equestrian. Why not Black Beauty? Typical, he gets to look sharp on our homepage while I do the horse work. At least I feature in the logo. Check me out 😊

In true CB equestrian spirit, I promise to do my best to keep you up to date on news, views and the very latest in international equestrian PR and marketing. That’s what we do – the team’s being doing it for donkey’s years apparently.

If you’d like to get in touch I’ve got my own email account. Drop me a line at fatboy@dev-server/c/ceris-burns-equestrian I’ll be checking in between feed times and would really appreciate your questions, comments, ideas and sales leads.

I’m secretly looking forward to being the voice of CBE. We’ve got lots of great stuff to share to help you with your PR and marketing campaigns. Must kick on… busy. Moving yard this weekend and I need to check the feed bins are full and I want the stable with a view. CB says a small rescued inmate from the New Forest will be sharing. Hey? I only know Ashdown Forest. Hope the new boy is fairer that Black Beauty. I need my calmer already… Speak soon, FB.