Get out from under your duvet and go global with your business!

It’s a duvet day as it’s snowing outside, so I thought I’d use my time wisely to write my next blog.

It’s freezing out there – all I really want to do is snooze and eat. But CB has got other ideas. Since moving into our new home she’s put me on a diet and seems determined to get me fit for spring. I must admit I’ve been enjoying exploring the local lanes but these reduced rations aren’t much fun. Roll on spring grass I say…

It’s not just happy hacking at Ceris Burns Equestrian though, we’ve been working hard too. Well, I say working… CB went to the BETA Business Awards. I wasn’t there – for some bizarre reason horses aren’t allowed at the National Motorcycle Museum. It seems they prefer their horsepower motorised. Heathens.

FatBoy Blog

We were very proud to sponsor the Export Award, which went to Dengie Crops. A well-deserved win as their Alfa-A and Hi-Fi brands are exported throughout Europe and worldwide.

Dengie’s model is something a lot of businesses could learn from – they’ve put time and resources into growing their export sales which means lucky horses can now enjoy their tasty products wherever they are.

There has never been a better time to grow your business overseas, and emerging economies, such as China and the Middle East, offer huge potential to the equestrian market.

Britain has a long history with horses (I’m Irish, but I’ve been quite impressed with you lot since arriving in the UK five years ago) and is respected all around the world. The products and services you offer are associated with quality and experience and have never been more in demand.

If you want to fulfil your company’s potential internationally, then click here and get in touch to find out how we can help.

Collectively the team at Ceris Burns Equestrian has 100 years’ experience in international PR and marketing. They also speak 10 different languages – 11 if you include equus. Please don’t let CB know I understand what she’s saying though. I like to play dumb from time to time…

Anyway, I’ve got my own email account, so you can drop me a line at fatboy@dev-server/c/ceris-burns-equestrian. Frankly I’d rather be out in the field than checking emails, but you never know when a good brand might get in touch and offer to send me some food samples.

Right, I’m off.  Think I can hear CB coming with a bucket. Yours FB.