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‘Tis the season to work on your business plan

It’s easy to neglect your business when you’re running a busy yard. But with the eventing season coming to an end (sob…), now is the time to take a step back from your horses and look at how you can improve your financial performance. They can enjoy being hairy horses in the field for a […]

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Boost your horsepower: How to attract equine investors

One of the toughest things about competing at top levels is funding the horsepower to stay there. Competition horses don’t come cheap, and unless you’ve got backing, the chances of you buying a ready-made superstar are slim to zero. So how can you attract owners and investors? It’s something we are asked time and time again. […]

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DIY guide to monitoring your marketing on Instagram

Instagram is touted as the best social media platform for creating engagement with your followers. But how do you actually measure engagement? And how do you know if your social media marketing plan is working? Instagram has a built-in analytics tool, which allows you to see impressions, engagement, reach and other key metrics. However, this […]

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When to post on social media

Finding the best time to post on social media

There are several things our clients ask us about social media. Should they be using video? How many hashtags should they include? How can they make more of an impact? And many more… One of the more frequent questions is when is the best time to post? After all, there is no point in sharing […]

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How to get #hashtags right in social media

Hashtags have become part of everyday language – chances are even your granny knows what they are. But do you really know what they are for, or how to use them? Hashtags are used to categorise content on social media, making it easy for users to find stuff relevant to them. Knowing how to use […]

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